Human interactions

Spectrum of Traits

The vibrant and squalling sound Brought our child to life, Stained with my blood Her tender body emitted a supreme And divine spectrum of traits, As if all the colours of the light Were the jewels bestowed upon her By the grace of the omnipotent; With each colour narrating a tale About her glistening fate.… Continue reading Spectrum of Traits

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Change is inevitable truth of existence. Anything and everything undergoes change at some point of time to survive in this environment. But certain changes are sempiternal, unavoidable and are naturally enriched process. One such sempiternal change is evident in the nature when a woman changes herself completely to adapt to the roles of motherhood. When… Continue reading SEMPITERNAL CHANGE

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A Burning Tale

An untold and unheard taleOf someone not of much importance,Was set on fire by theHearts possessed by demonic fiend,That wore the mask of aKind and socialized gentlemen.The crackling sound of the blazeWas akin to the last few screechesOf a wretched and hollow soul;That echoed until the day breakAnd got lost amidst theBickering of the engines… Continue reading A Burning Tale

Atrocities · Motivational

The Rays of Hope

The sparkling rays of hopeSeems to leak through the sky,Tearing apart the darknessOf an uneventful dusk,Towards the land of lordsTo rekindle the flickering passionIn the hearts of the men and women,That have lost the zeal to fight backAnd steal away their share of success,From the hands of their exploiters. Photo credit : Rupjyoti Deka


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Will you stand by my side?When my bridal gown willAdorn my slender beauty,With your eyes twinklingLike the stars on a summer night. Yes, my princessI will stand by your sideHolding the ring impatiently,To slide it into your fingerAnd make you forever mine. Together we will move aheadThrough the seasons of happiness,You will be my sunshineAnd… Continue reading Together

Human interactions

That Girl

That girl who lived nearApartment A4 at 16 square Street,Loved to wear jeans jacketWhenever she moved outTo visit the playhouseAt the left corner of the street,There she stands for hoursWatching over the toy catching machine;When asked to move asideBy the naughty little kids,She would give them a dollarTo buy sugar coated toffees;When asked as to… Continue reading That Girl


You: An impression

Yes I remember!The evening before we parted,The sky was clear and brightBut our heart held dark secrets.I stood speechless in the balcony,As your eyes were searchingFor an explanation out of my lips.We stood close to each otherYet were breathing silentlyAnd you left after an hour or so,Leaving behind your fragranceTo accompany me till the morning;That… Continue reading You: An impression

Atrocities · Social issues

Celestial Sea

I row and row my little boatUpon the celestial sea of dreams,To catch few stars of compassionThat could light the heartOf the landlord with love,And stop him from forcing us,To work in his corn fieldsUnder the scorching heat of the sun.

Human interactions · Love

By The Brook

By the side of the brookI sat listening to the melodyOf the crickets chirping,As I stared at the houseOn the other side of the water,For my lady to peek throughThe windows of her room,And smile at me softlyShedding a teardrop of yearningTo be by my side to watch,The night sky shimmering.